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Meet Susan

Hi! Welcome to So & Sew Boutique.  I hope you are enjoying your shopping experience with us!  
My name is Susan Young.  I grew up in Asheboro, NC.  Growing up I visited Atlantic Beach often and combined with my families love of water and the fact that part of my extended family is here, it was an easy decision to choose this area for out next chapter!    
My daughter Claire, my son and I moved to Beaufort in August 2017.  We were all ready for a change after spending the previous 8 years caring for both my parents in the last years of their lives. Prior to our return to Asheboro in 2009, my children were raised in the Topsail Island area.  They were both excited to return to coastal living!  

Off and on for the last 15 years, I have taught school.  I have degrees from Appalachian State University, University of North Carolina at Wilmington,  and a Masters from UCONN in Gifted Education.  Though I do miss my students, I do not miss many other pieces that go along with teaching today!  I was blessed to be left with choices and am very thankful to be able to fulfill a life long desire to own my own shop!  I began working in retail in college and continued to do so off and on for many years.  I also worked in retail merchandising and apparel production for a division of VF Corporation.  In owning So & Sew, I am in a sense returning to my roots.  I was taught to sew and do needlework at a very young age.  Both were creative outlets that I still enjoy, as well as time spent with my mother that I will forever treasure. 

I am asked frequently what pushed me to buy So & Sew?  I simply saw potential…  There are so many opportunities for growth with this company.  And also I love my customers!  I am a people pleaser so being able to make my customers feel special and make their needs important truly makes my day!  Especially when I can provide that extra special touch to any occasion!  Most importantly I often feel my mother here.  I have spent over 30 years searching for that right fit for me professionally! In So & Sew I have found my home!   

My greatest joy, much to my surprise has been to be able to share this experience with my beautiful daughter.  The gift of seeing her not only grow as a woman, but finding her joy for life again is immeasurable!  So & Sew has not only become the answer to my prayers and a fulfillment of a dream for me but its given her purpose and direction even seeing herself taking over running this business in the future..  So & Sew has turned into a true family business and I couldn’t be more thrilled!  

We all bring our strengths to the table and this enables this mother/ daughter team to work together on a daily basis!  My daughter has become my best friend!  We of course cannot forget the shop dogs,  Luna, Layla (Mother/Daughter Mini Goldendoodles), Finn, and Padi (Mini Goldendoodle/Labradoodle Mixes) who are always here to brighten your day and make you smile!  

Thank you for taking the time to stop and shop with us, It means the world!

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