The monogram has come a long way since its beginnings in Greek and Roman history. What once was used as a mark on coins to recognize a particular ruler of an area is now quite the Southern fashion staple. But how did we get here? We are going to give you a rundown on monograms from their ancient beginnings, all the way to their place on Longchamp bags today.

For those who perhaps were not born and raised in the South and find the monogram a blaring question mark over their heads, here is a quick briefing. Monogram, by definition, is the artful and intentional placement of letters (initials) as a way to represent and identify yourself. There are many ways to make a monogram, and most widely we see the Victorian format, which puts the order of initial as: first initial, last initial (in a larger, more pronounced size), then middle initial last. This places an emphasis on the last name and therefore, an emphasis on family, something we Southerners hold near and dear.