What is So & Sew Boutique?

So & Sew Boutique is the culmination of a life-long dream between a mother and daughter. Through Claire's love of meaningful gifts & Susan's passion for creating beautiful things, these two breathe new life into the age old tradition of gifting meaning.

Our Mission

To provide you with everything you need to give the perfect gift everytime.

Our Style

We love taking the classic art of embroidery and turning it into something timeless and beautiful you'll cherish forever.

Our Vision

To spread love, gratitude, and grace. One meaningul gift at a time.

Meet the Mother | Susan

Meet the Daughter | Claire

The Shop Dogs

Finn | Luna | Layla | Padi

Of course we can't forget to introuduce our favorite four legged friends! Most day's you'll find these pups lounging around the shop. So remember, they love hugs, treats, and little kids!