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Claire's Monogram Etiquette Guide

Let's get real: monograms are, in fact, a mandatory­­ element of southern style. They make a statement. They make your statement. Monograms put a personal spin on everything from tote bags and cufflinks to silverware and pocket squares. But monograms can also be tricky. Mastering the order ("What goes in the middle?") can be complicated and downright confusing. But knowing how to present them is key to telling your personal story. And once you get it right, the options are endless on how to make them look great—and personalized for you. There are many different shapes, sizes, and weights—plus many color options.
For example, a single woman with a double name will have a monogram that looks incredibly different than a single woman without a formal middle name. What's the proper order? Should everything be an upper-case letter? Well I'm here to help set the record straight with this guide of all things monogram etiquette. 

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